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Fuel Trailers
Containment Structures
Fuel Tanks
A.S.T. Inspection, Inc.
Meridian UL-142 listed single and double
wall fuel tanks
Available in 520 and 990 U.S. gallons, the
Meridian Fuel Trailer is the latest
innovation in fuel transportation.
Enviro-Guard Secondary Containment
Structures *Available In All Shapes & Sizes
(Including Custom Shapes & Sizes)

Standard Features

UL-142 Listed
100% Secondary Containment
Heavy Duty Construction
Split Tank Design available on select
horizontal models (4595L)
Lifting Lugs
Heavy Duty Saddle (HZ tanks)
Emergency Vents
Spare Fittings Ports
Meridianís Premium Powder Coat Finish
Secondary Containment Sight Glass
Premium Portable Fuel Storage

Powder coated for a strong finish and long
lasting durability
Lower center of gravity so it pulls smoothly
Tank built separate from the trailer and
bolted on with rubber gaskets to reduce
stress on the walls and for added flexibility
ALSO we have a tank securement hook
system that relieves the stress from the fluid
motion as the fuel trailer is pulled down the
Large cowling doors ALLOWS easy access for
routine maintenance and storage in the
cowling allowing for extra space for tools and
Each tank is 100% pressure tested for leaks
Providing aboveground storage tank inspections and installations, pressure testing, NDE and containment systems, fuel stations, fuel trailers, storage facilities and MORE!
Galvanized Secondary
Containment Structures

Enviro-Guard Secondary Containment
Systems are G-90 Galvanized Corrugated
Available in 10, 12, 14, and 18 Gauge.
Containment Systems are available in 22",
25", 35", 36", and 45".
Available in Powder Coated with BLM or
Custom Colors.
Liners for secondary containment units are
available in flexible polyethylene,
polypropylene, and 100% polyurethane
spray-in liners.