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Meridian's NEW swing hopper

Meridians new swing hopper is the lowest AND longest available on the market, and wider than existing models. With a height of just under 10 inches, our modified hopper is ideal for use under low profile trailers, and offers ease of operation and ample clearance in all unload applications. In addition, the longer and wider design maximizes reach, increases handling capacities and reduces overflow and spillage. For easy and efficient grain handling, Meridian is the best choice.


Our new 14 inch auger is a colossal grain mover and Meridians tallest, strongest and best auger on the market. Manufactured with the same quality workmanship you have come to expect from Meridian, this high capacity, mechanical drive swing auger will make moving grain much easier and more efficient. The Meridian 143 auger delivers the highest level of safety and is powder coated for durability and a long lasting finish.

Standard Features:

PTO holder complete with a mechanical advantage for ease of lifting
Feed system
Features an electric mover for ease of locating the hopper under a trailer
Hopper drive system consists of steel cut sprockets and heavy duty roller chain
Formed main frame
Formed A-frame
Axle design eliminates sagging and allows for a narrower transport stance and winder operational stance. Note: Operational stance adds height from the ground to underside of the discharge spout
Extendable axles standard for a 1152 and offered as an option for the 952 and 1052
Heavy duty tires
Truss system
Each cable works on the three point system to eliminate cable sag between lock points; Cable sag leads to the main auger tubing bending downwards (known as drooping)
Side cables located at main auger to reduce tube sway
Hydraulic worm gearbox located at the hopper lift arm
Heavy duty gearbox
High end features a heavy duty thrust bearing
Product overflow doors located at the discharge end of the auger

Optional Features

LED light packages
-Work Area  67000 Lumens
-Head-End  35000 Lumens

Camera located at auger discharge c/w monitor located in the tractor

Scissor Lift Mechanical Drive Grain Auger

Moving your grain from field to storage has never been easier. Our SLMD augers provide durable, steadfast quality farmers can rely on. Efficient, long lasting and designed for easy maintenance, these augers are sure to get your farm in full swing and blow away the competition.

Product Details

Head End: Heavy duty gear boxes in the feed auger head and main tube can handle any delivery challenge.

Hopper Lift: Accommodate any operating situation by placing the hopper on the left or right hand side of the main tube.

Transition: Enclosed transition between the feed auger and the main tube reduces dust while the easy access clean-out doors make clearing the tube and maintaining parts easy.

Hopper: The self-leveling, low profile hopper features a patented drive system that turns the two Super-Edge" flighting augers toward the center of the hopper and creates a smooth flow of product to the feed tube.

Scissor Lift: Unique reverse-scissor lift design allows for close positioning to tall bins while increasing stability during transport.

Flighting: We roll form the flighting directly onto the shaft to create a long lasting product that is balanced to run smooth and quiet. That means less wear and tear and an increased lifespan on every auger we manufacture. Flighting shaft connections are made with a spline coupler, this allows for flexible movement of the shaft within the tube.


Polyethylene telescoping spout (423 length)
Radial tires (sold in pairs)
Swing-Away Hopper Mover