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The Petro Vend family of fuel control systems assures 24-hour unattended fuel sites, both large and small, have reliable fueling authorization and indisputable transaction tracking for the confident management of commercial and private fleet fuel supplies.

The Petro Vend family of fuel control systems deliver secure fuel management for fleet and commercial fueling operations, big and small.

Card Compatibility

Many Petro Vend systems are compatible with a wide range of national card and authorization networks.

Rely on Petro Vend fuel control equipment to accurately track fuel transactions for confident management of 24-hour unattended fuel supplies.


OPW’s PCI-compliant fuel control equipment guards against security breaches for responsible handling of sensitive network card data.

Minimize misuse of fuel inventories and reduce management expenses through OPW’s automated fuel management tools.


With an extensive range of options available, Petro Vend fuel control systems can be customized and expanded to meet the unique needs of almost every commercial or fleet-fueling application.