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Grain Rings
Key Features:

Diameters of 402 to 1052 available (5,555bu. to 120,600bu.)
Wall heights in 22 increments (up to 82 max.)
Precision manufacturing ensures perfect fit every time (ISO Certified Manufacturer)
All hardware included, including tarp hooks (tarp sold separately)
100% steel construction
Protection against weather and pests
Options and accessories available (auger ports, tarps, aeration tubes and fans, and unload systems)
Meridian's galvanized grain rings are the lowest cost per bushel temporary or intermediate storage option on the market. Built to the same quality standards youíve come to expect from Meridian, our grain rings are self-supporting and designed to withstand large a volume of crop. Established during bumper-crop years, intermediate grain storage practice solves the dilemma of producing more crops than storage allows. The ability to safely store grain outdoors for temporary purposes is the answer to your modern operating needs. Donít let full silos stop you from enjoying a record yield, get help from the grain ring.